New Website and Rebranding

CSEP is rolling out all new Branding, Software and more! We want to ensure the best user experience from front to back.

By Ernest Mena 16 March 2017

The new face of CSEP Depot is finally here! We have completely revamped our image and software. Utilizing only the lasted in web technology and graphics design we are proud to present the new branding for CSEP Depot.

In a rapidly evolving tech industry you are only as good as your software. We have decided to upgrade all of the technology utilized in CSEP to sit on the SilverStripe CMS Platform. SilverStripe is one of the most versatile and robust content management systems available. This not only gives us the power to expand our software but put more power at your fingertips.

We are beginning to rollout the new version of our education plan management software one module at a time. This will ensure then functionality of all used modules and eliminate any potential downtime. We are making sure every aspect of our software is thoroughly tested in real user situations before a full release.

With our upcoming new releases CSEP Pro will be available providing a better connection between students and their counselors. We have completely re-formed our management system to make its use even more seamless for college campuses.

  Stay tuned for more feature updates coming soon!

Interested in our software? Don’t hesitate to contact us!