Education Planning Software

Simplifying how counselors keep students on track


CSEP Depot is the leading education planning software at colleges and universities across the nation. Our centralized student education plan management software helps institutions expedite the education planning process and is proven to keep students on track with notifications and reminders.

The life of a student is rapidly evolving and time is always a factor. When the idea for CSEP came to be we knew a streamlined process was the goal. This would not only save the students time but would allow the counselors to see an increased number of students per day.

We made our software compatible with various types of educational institutions from

  • Private Institutions
  • Community Colleges
  • Traditional 4-Year Colleges
  • Tech/Trade Colleges and more

Many of our schools are individual institutions, but we also work within entire state systems and districts to help them share data in a FERPA-compliant manner.

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